In February of 2019, NH Representative Patrick Abrami co-sponsored HB 522 with Senator Tom Sherman. The bill created a commission which will be tasked with studying the health impacts of the rollout of 5G. New Hampshire is the first state in the country to form such a study commission.

Bedford Town Councilor Denise Ricciardi has been appointed by the Governor to be part of this commission. Ricciardi has actively been working for four years on the effects of this technology on human health. She has been to Washington, DC to testify, and works in conjunction with doctors, scientists, bio-chemists and toxicologists around the country. Ricciardi will be an asset to the commission as she will bring great knowledge to the discussion.

Ricciardi stated that “While many people think that 5G will be faster than 4G, that’s not necessarily the case.” What’s different about 5G she says, is it that “it uses microwave radiation which needs to piggyback onto the wireless radiation in order to work. It doesn’t penetrate through walls and materials the same way as wireless does. A canister the size of a dorm room refrigerator will be hung in front of every other home completely forcing people to live in a soup of microwave radiation”.

She added, “5G uses millimeter waves so it penetrates the skin and the eyes as if using your body as an antenna. Scientific studies show this has ill-effects on human health.”