Our next US Senator?

Bedford Town Councilor Denise Ricciardi with President Trump in the Oval Office, White House, July 16, 2019
(Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Doing what she does best as the “voice of the people”, Bedford Town Councilor Denise Ricciardi attended the White House’s Northeast Leadership Day on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. She was among the approximately 250 local officials from throughout the northeast region who were invited, and the only councilor from Bedford to attend.

Ricciardi met with White House officials representing the various departments. These officials went over some of the issues facing the state of the new of New Hampshire and discussed ways to empower local communities. Some discussion was focused on national issues.

Among those present were representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Dept of Intergovernmental Affairs, Domestic Policy, External Affairs, and Veterans Councils, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), US Dept. of Labor, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Transportation, and Dept of Education.

Among the other topics discussed were local infrastructure priorities, and building for the future. The US Environmental Protection Agency spoke about ground water, drinking water and addressed problems regarding PFOA.

The Office of National Drug Control spoke of the opioid crisis and grant programs available to aid states.

Ricciardi was also among those selected to visit the oval office to meet with President Trump.