As a resident for the past 17 years in Bedford, NH I will be voting for Denise Crusade Ricciardi for Bedford Town Council. Denise, a Bedford resident for 23 years, has been an active member in the community and in this time has been working for the best interests of the Town and residents. That’s 23 years of experience being an active member of the community.

Denise demonstrates how much she cares for Bedford and the community, on her own time and dime. Last year she had the zoning changed as it relates to cell towers and the distance regulated from how close to homes they can be built. Denise worked tirelessly on this and continues working in the best interest of Bedford residents in an effort to keep our community a safe place to live.

Another example of someone who is active in her community, Denise also recently wrote and submitted a proclamation to Governor Sununu which was adopted and signed, so that we now have October 11th as Children’s Environmental Health Day, promoting awareness for our children’s environment, food, air, water and health issues.

The current Town Council must not ignore the impact of higher taxes on the residents. It is time to support candidates who will work to improve life here.

Linda Williams