I write with enthusiastic support for Denise Ricciardi’s candidacy for Town Council. It has been an esteemed honor and a distinct pleasure to serve the Town of Bedford and its residents over the past six years as a member of the Council, and I can think of no better candidate to take the reins than Denise Ricciardi. Denise has spent decades in this town, working for charitable, educational and community causes across the board. Her enthusiastic and well-researched approach is as laudable as her commitment to hearing all sides of an issue prior to making a decision. She has spent the past several weeks meeting with the Town Manager, department heads, town officials and others in order to gain knowledge on the numerous issues facing the Town. Her commitment to the responsible governance of this town is exactly what makes her an ideal candidate for the office of Town Council, and I strongly urge you to consider voting for her on Tuesday, March 12, from 7am to 7pm at Bedford High School.

Kelleigh D. Murphy
Bedford NH 03110